These are key actions that can be taken to initiate the process of mainstreaming urban cycling in the UK. Each action point is referenced to the pages on which the argument for doing so is laid out.

Pilot Study

Each of these actions should be carried out initially on a pilot study, and then gradually on a town by town basis throughout the country.


Investment should be focused on the provision of infrastructure, rather than distractions like shared bike schemes or cycle training programmes. Infrastructure should be laid out according to the six design principles that I have expounded.

Filtered Permeability

The ‘filtered permeability’ approach should be used to create ‘living rooms’ within the city centre.

Ceremonial Cycling

Create joyful journeys through infrastructure that celebrates the cyclist.

Desubsidise Motoring

Level the economic playing field between motorist and cyclist by revealing the hidden costs of motoring.

Hierarchy of Vulnerability

Recognise the vulnerability of the cyclist by introducing protective legislation.